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In several industrial and manufacturing processes, unpleasant odors appears. It contributes to a deteriorating work environment for the employees and can disrupt the neighbors' quality of life. By installing technology from AirMaid®, unwanted odors are reduced and create a win-win for all parties. 



Asphalt production

In the production process, unpleasant odors develop that have a negative impact on the work environment and for the adjacent neighbors. In collaboration with leading players in the Nordic region, we have successfully installed AirMaid® technology that effectively reduces unwanted odors and creates win-win for all parties.

Effective odor reduction

Technology from AirMaid® is used in other industrial applications such as pumping stations, waste compactors, treatment plants and in other water and sewerage system applications.


More examples where AirMaid is used for odor reduction ​

  • PEAB - asphalt production​

  • Nordic Waterproofing - tar paper production

  • Svevia - asphalt production

  • Pankas - asphalt production

Image by Crystal Kwok
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