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Future secured food processing requires new technologies and new approaches. With technology from AirMaid®, we are contributing to making it possible.


Production processes

Technology from AirMaid® is used in various production processes in the food processing industry. Our technologies are mainly used for odor and fat control. Our technologies also helps to extend the service life and service intervals of others' solutions. As an example, our technologies extends the service range of already installed activate carbon packs. In this way, we create the conditions for a more sustainable and cost-effective production process.


Applications for technology from AirMaid® can be applied in many different food production processes.

Some examples of these are:

  • Chip production at Lorenz, Poland

  • Chip production at Mörsjö Deli, Sweden

  • Egg production at DanHatch, Denmark

  • Egg production at SweHatch, Sweden

More interesting projects we work with include noodle production in California and Asia.




The  AirMaid® V-series is equipped with our unique CGC cell and works just as well in commercial kitchen ventilation systems as effective odor reducing in food processing. Our technology is also used to extend the life of other applications, such as carbon packs to name a few.  


  • Fat reduction

  • Odor reduction

  • Increased fire safety and reduced sweeping costs

  • Extended life of carbon packs, which helps to drastically reduce the cost of service and maintenance


 AirMaid® solutions are known to be one of the simplest solutions on the market. Works just as well in new construction as installing afterwards. Our experts are ready to tell you more, and guide you in your next project.

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