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  • GDPR | Airmaid

    Privacy Policy Absolent CKV AB and AirMaid ® protects your personal integrity. We strive to protect your personal information at all times, and we follow the rules and regulations concerning data protection within the EU. In our integrity policy that follows we inform what kind of information we collect, how it is done and the purpose of it. Integrity policy and data storage policy 1. Responsibility and rights 1.1 Responsible for your personal information Responsible company Absolent CKV AB, VAT no SE 556746-6841 Visiting and postal address: Propellervägen 4A, 183 62 Täby Only employees at company that needs access to your personal information to carry out their work will have access to the information given. We will never sell any information to third parties for marketing activities or similar. The information that can be shared with third parties is only for the improvement of our services for our customers. 1.2 Your rights You have the right to get information on what kind of personal information we have collected and stored. Upon request you can get a copy of the information. You have the right to get your personal information corrected or deleted. You have the right to get your personal information printed in a digital copy and you may transfer them to another party of your choice. You have the right to deny and unsubscribe from direct marketing. In every marketing mail you can unregister from future send outs. If you have points of view on our handling of your personal information you have the right to make a complaint to the Data Protection Authority. 2. Collection- and handling of personal information The personal information we collect, and handle is information relevant to carry out our business and services, only. (See section 2.1-2.2 and 2.3) for details). We never store sensitive personal information within our company. 2.1 Storage of personal information regarding our customers We use ERP-, WEBSITE and CRM systems to store and handle relevant information about our customers. For each company there is at least one contact person with contact information. We only store the information necessary to carry out our business- and services towards you. Personal information stored by Company: Name and identification number (national id, VAT number, company registered number) Address Telephone number and e-mail Payment terms Customer number IP-address and information about the use of our website and the use of our software-, hardware- and other services. Business relation history Agreements 2.2 Personal information regarding suppliers We use ERP-, WEBSITE and CRM systems to store and handle relevant personal information regarding our suppliers. For each supplier there is at least one contact person. We only store the information necessary to carry out our business and services towards you. Personal information stored by Company: Name and identification number (social security number, national id, VAT number, company registered number) Address Telephone number and e-mail Payment terms Customer number IP-address and information about the use of our website and the use of our software-, hardware- and other services. Business relation history Agreements 2.3 Other Company may store personal information regarding job applications if the person has given their consent. 3. Personal information regarding marketing 3.1 Google Analytics We use Google Analytics to be able to adapt our homepage. When you visit our homepage, we automatically collect information that your computer sends to us or other devices like smartphones etc. This information can only be connected to you via the units´ ID, geographical position, the kind of device used, data and connection information, statistics on page views, data traffic from web pages, URL and IP-address and similar information. You can block storage from Google Analytics by following this link: Note that this supplement will disappear from your device if you delete cookies, and you need to re-activate again. 3.2 Mailing We send out e-mails via mailing lists. You can if you wish unsubscribe from our send outs. Please follow the instructions in the e-mail or contact us. 4. For how long do we store your personal data? Personal information that we handle for the purpose of administration of our products, services and to fulfil our commitments towards you as a customer will be saved for the time needed. For bookkeeping reasons, we save all relevant information according to Swedish law. If you leave your consent, we will save your name and e-mail address for information-, product information-, marketing send outs etc. You can unregister and be removed from the list at all times. We will then delete all information given. 5. Third party We use several system suppliers to give our customers the best service. All our suppliers shall apply to the laws of secure data storage according to the EU regulations. We have contracts with all third-party system suppliers for handling of personal data (in Swedish “Biträdesavtal”). 6. Secure storage of personal information We put great effort in securing your personal data. As a starting point your information is only handled by us. If we were to be affected by data intrusion involving your personal information, we will inform you accordingly. 7. Changes in our data protection policy The content of this policy can be changed over time. We will always keep your personal information integrity on a high level, and we will follow the rules and regulations set within the EU. If we make any bigger changes, they will be communicated.

  • Air Treatment | Airmaid

    The Power of Air Purification We are experts in Air Purification with-in Commercial Kitchen ventilation systems With long experience from odor reduction within COMMERICAL KITCHEN INDUSTRY FOOD PROCESSING RECYCLING Services LOW MAINTENANCE COSTS Our technology has a proven ability to reduce your maintenance costs to the lowest in the industry AirMaid® ODOR One of the most cost effective solutions to remove unwanted odors AirMaid® PREVENTATIVE FIRE RISK AirMaid® AirMaid's air treatment technology helps to reduce the occurrence of fat buildup in your exhaust ducts and thus prevents the risk of fire Taking Your Kitchen Ventilation to the Next Level We're Good with Numbers 16 Years of Experience 14.5K Units sold 1K +30 Units produced annually Countries where we do business About Our Customer Support No matter where our products are used in the world, we are as local as we are global. And AirMaid® representative are always nearby. Ready to answer your questions, perform service and maintenance or help with new and remodeling projects. You will find QR codes for quick guidance on manuals, service and operational support on all our products. We call it "AirMaid® Easy", which is the feeling you will have when using our products, services and solutions. Cost-effective air purification begins with AirMaid®. To find your nearest service partner please look at our partner page. You can also send us an e-mail using the green button below. Support - Mail Testimonials SOLUTIONS COMMERCIAL KITCHEN MORE AIR PURIFICATION TECHNOLOGY Clients OUR CLIENTS Contact CONTACT Let's Work Together Airmaid ® - Absolent CKV AB Propellervägen 4A SE-183 62 Täby Stockholm, Sweden First Name Last Name Email Leave us a message ... Submit Thanks for submitting!

  • US Market | Airmaid

    These products refer to United States market Commercial kitchen Since 2014, we have delivered PCU solutions for air treatment in ventilation systems for commercial kitchens on the US market. Together with our partners, we serve our customers locally. With knowledge and experience from over 14,000 installations around the world, AirMaid ® PCU is p roven to be one of the most cost-effective ways to reduce odors and contribute to less fat build up. Let our technology do the work, so you can focus on your business. Effective Air treatment starts with Airmaid ® 0 Vision We are part of Absolent Air Care Group | Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Division. " Through a combination of our world-leading technologies we will, in the most effective way contribute to emitting cleaner than the one that is taken in, and in between handling all different kinds of cooking processes" We thrive in the kitchen AirMaid ® PCU is used today in over 30 countries around the world. We serve everything from hamburger restaurants to Asian cooking to the occasional Michelin restaurant to name but a few. AirMaid ® is as easy to install afterwards as for new construction. Our project service is ready to help you find the most cost-effective solution for your kitchen ventilation. Product VENTILATION We are experts in odor and fat reduction in commercial kitchen ventilation systems. Our proven AirMaid ® PCU technology is used in most cooking processes from fast food restaurants to Michelin restaurants around the world. Our solutions are the most compact designed PCU´s, easy to install, require little maintenance and thus contribute to being one of the most cost-effective solutions on the market. Airmaid ® - Air treatment V-series The V-series PCU is equipped with our unique CGC cells and is specially developed for restaurants and commercial kitchens where the requirements for fat and odor reduction are very important. With a continuous and efficient cleaning of the exhaust ducts, you can effectively reduce sooting costs and enable heat recovery in the smoke ducts to further reduce costs. Areas of use: Restaurant ventilation ducts Commercial kitchen Dark, ghost and cloud kitchens Delivery hubs Fat reduction The fat is greatly reduced in the ventilation ducts (mist ducts) by the ozone from our unique CGC cells breaking down the fat into water and minerals that are removed in the air stream. Odor reduction Odors from all types of cooking leave the channel and therefore do not get stuck in a conventional filter. With AirMaid® V, these odors are reduced by up to 95%. Fire safety and sweeping The service life of the ventilation system is increased by reducing the grease and also reducing the risk of fire. The number of expensive sweeping occasions can also be reduced. Product sheet Specifications Submittal 10-15000V Submittal 20000V BACnet Inquiry AirMaid ® technology has proven to be one of the most cost-effective solutions for effective odor reduction on the market. Easy to install Compact design Low energy consumption Minimal maintenance For more information please contact our US representatives Contact

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